T-shirts have been a style staple for decades. That being said, there is not just one way to wear a T-shirt. Simply throwing on a T-shirt with whatever semi-clean pants are currently gracing the floor of your room does not create a look that will help you turn heads and dominate any room that you enter. On the other hand, the right choice of Tee and exercises can help you create an effortlessly stylish look. 

First Step: Include More than One Style of T-Shirt in Your Closet

You may think of the T-shirt as a lightweight, cotton shirt with short sleeves and a crew neck. There are, however, several variations on the T-shirt. For example, designers will play with the length of the sleeve (short, three-quarter length, and long), the neck (crew, V-neck, and button up), or the fit of the shirt (hip length hem, past the hip, oversized, and athletic cut). Another option is buying a either a short-sleeve or long-sleeve T-shirt with a hood. By buying T-shirts with varying neck styles, sleeve lengths, overall length, and with and without hoods, you will be able to ensure that you have a Tee that will go with almost any occasion.


Different types of T-shirts are embraced by different groups. For example, hip-hop artists often can be seen with an oversized T-shirt paired with baggy jeans and a jacket. Thus, if you identify with the hip-hop style, then you should consider adding the right accessories to your  oversized Tee. On the other hand, skaters will often wear three-quarter sleeve T-shirts or a long sleeve T-shirt under a short-sleeve shirt. If you want to create a skater look, pair your shirt with a pair of skate shoes and skinny pants. If you want a casual look that does not identify with a particular group, then pair a short or long-sleeve shirt with your favorite pair of jeans and your favorite pair of canvas shoes. 

As the above discussion should indicate different groups can use the same item of clothing—the T-shirt—in different ways to create a unique look. You can either copy styles embraced by music artists, your favorite alternative athlete, or look for inspiration in the pages of a style magazine. You should also feel free to buy shirts that help you express your interests. For example, you could buy a T-shirt with a graphic of your favorite band or sports team. The bottom line is that your choice of T-shirt and accessories is an opportunity to project to the world what is important to you. For more information, contact companies like Money Making Money Clothing.