With fall coming quickly upon us, not only are the leaves changing and the temperatures dropping, but the fashion is also changing as well. If you are a man who is looking for some ways to spruce up your wardrobe this fall and you want to ditch your traditional sweatshirt and sneakers, then this article is just for you. By adding these three versatile items to your wardrobe you can help transform your look this fall. Read on to learn more.  

Form-Fitting Jeans

No, this doesn't mean that you have to go out and get skinny jeans that are so tight that they resemble leggings, but it does mean that you should get some jeans that fit well enough to your body that they don't sag or droop in any way. When you're shopping for some form-fitting jeans, make sure that they fit your buttocks well and that they don't drag on the floor. If the jeans are too long, see if you can have them tailored by either an in-store tailor or from your own personal tailor. 

Leather Jacket

A leather jacket, especially a Brunello Cucinelli men's leather jacket, is a great way to spruce up your outfit without looking too dressy. So, you can wear it either to work on casual Friday, out with your buddies on the weekend, or even to take your wife out for date night. A Brunello Cucinelli men's leather jacket is also a great investment piece that may be a little bit pricey upfront but that should last you for several seasons so you won't have to worry about buying a new one any time soon. 


Owning a good pair of boots is really going to tie your whole wardrobe together. One style of boots in particular never goes out of style, and that's the Chelsea boot. Chelsea boots are slide-on boots that usually have a little bit of elastic on the side and can be worn with your jeans rolled up to really show them off. Plus, because they're casual enough, you can wear them to a ball game, but they're still dressy enough to wear them to a casual day at work. 

If you feel like your wardrobe needs a little sprucing up then make sure to invest in these three pieces this fall. To learn more about other ways to add to your wardrobe, contact a stylist for some help.